World History Timeline

The Nazi Menace

1918 – The First World war ends with the German Empire becoming The First German Republic.

1919 – The League of Unified Nations is created [LUN]. Treaty of Berlin is signed limiting Germany and breaking apart the Austrian Empire.

1921 – Franz Rittlar forms the Nationalist Socialist Party of Austria.

1922 – The Austrian Nazi party expands into Germany with popular support.

1923 – The Allies forced Germany to pay 67 billion dollars in damages for WW1. The Austrian Nazi party becomes a premier party in Germany.

1925 – Franz Rittlar publishes a book in which he blames the allies for making serbian nationalists execute the duke to start the first world war. At this time Steam begins to replace most technology as its effective and requires little resources.

1926 – Germany joins The League of Unified Nations. Franz Rittlar announces this as the first action his party will undo if elected.

1930 – The German people elect The Nazi party. American Wall street crashes.

1932 – Roosevelt is elected president of the United States. Franz Rittlar congratulates him in person. The Nazi Stormtroopers (SA) are used to seize the street from political opponents.

1933 – Franz Rittlar becomes Chancellor of Germany. The Reichstag is burned down, Franz seizes this opportunity to build a new compound for the German government. Franz passes enabling act giving him unlimited power. Westerners are forced to be subjected from german people and are divided into gated communities. The Nazi SS is equipped with the latest equipment and given permission to overstep the Wehrmacht. The Nazi party is declared the only true party. Germany leaves the LUA and all books from any country in the LUA are burned.

1934 – Franz marches the Nazi stormtroopers to their death only for the German SS to be wiped out and the Stormtroopers (SA) taking their place on the political ladder. Two German secret police officers shoot and kill the Austrian chancellor, at the same time Nazi SA execute the German President. Franz becomes the Nazi Fuhrer, Germany Renamed to The Third German Empire.

1935 – The Treaty of Berlin is broken as Franz starts making a new light tank design using advanced cannons that pierce through all previous tank armour. Germany begins massive conscription to build, arm, and support these new death machines. Non aryan races in germany are stripped of rights.

1936 – The German Secret police are placed above the law and have freedom to do as they wish. Germany moves troops into the Rhineland even though the Treaty of Berlin prohibits so. The French began building a series of defenses along the german border because of this. Fascist Italy takes over Ethiopia in africa with help from prototype german light tanks. The berlin olympic games begin. A spanish civil war is tried and fails with the democrats keeping power for a month before German stormtroopers take Spain for the Spanish Fascist party. The LUN condemned Germany’s involvement in the Spanish affairs.

1937 – Franz presents plans to invade neighboring countries to his generals. The soviet armies begin mass producing rifles while Stalin purges the Red army leadership.

1938 – Germany forces Austrian unification. German military mobilizes and occupies Czech territory, the Czech government does nothing. A Jewish boy shoots a German Sturmtruppen who was harassing his family, The Sturmtruppen retaliate and forcefully exile 20,000 Jews from German land.

1939 – Germany takes the rest of Czechoslovakia. The pact of steel is signed between Italy, Germany, and Spain. Germany and The Soviet Union sign a non aggression pact and begin the invasion of Poland. The U.K., France, Belgium, and the commonwealth declare war on the German Reich. The superior German air force makes short work of British bombing blimps over the western front. The US claims neutrality, The president has tea with the king and has dinner with German ambassadors. Poland is conquered and divided between The soviets and Germans. The Soviet Union began an invasion of Iran.

1940 – Britain begin conscription and rationing, an airbase in Scotland is attacked and destroyed. The Soviets Annex Iran. The German Sturmtruppen take over Denmark. Germany invades Belgium, the Netherlands, and parts of France. The Germans crush and kill 100k British troops at Dunkirk. Germany carpet bombs Paris streets before a wehrmacht group lead by Nazi SA take the city. France surrenders, Franz takes tour of Paris. Soviets invade the baltics. The blitz begins as Britain and Germany bomb each others cities to ash. Italy joins the war and decides to invade British Africa. The raj steps in to fight Italian African and Asian troops. Spain takes the rock. The soviets invade Turkey, the Italians invaded Greece.

1941 – Australian and British offensives in Africa occur. DnD campaign begins.


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